Thursday, September 17, 2009

Remember This....

I don't have a single memory of Tyler as a little girl without her "KIDS"! Oh, how I use to dread hauling them with us EVERY where we went. It was such a process 2 trips to the van strap them all in seat belts, cover them with their special blankets, all before she would even get into her seat. The looks I would get while we were grocery shopping with 4 "kids” in the cart and one on her back with no room for the food. People wondered why I would let her do it. Sometimes, I would make her pick just one to take with us, but that didn't save time or patience either. Because the ones we didn't take had to be tucked into their beds "snug as a bug" with the oldest (usually Joey or Emily) watching the little ones. Then we would have to hurry because she worried about them! Anyone who remembers this time in our lives knows the patience we had to exercise! However looking back I am so grateful I did let her. These precious days didn't last as long as they felt, and looking back I realize how much I miss them. Here are just a few of THOUSANDS of pictures of her with her kids.... And yes bed time was a whole other process in its self!

This was her first "kid" Baby Joey... and he could do no wrong! He was her favorite!!

First day of Pre-school with baby Brayden

Couldn't even get her picture taken without them!
(Joey, Emily and Bryley)

She had to sleep in a Queen bed to fit them all.

Oh, how I miss this!!!!

Like all exhausted mom's ... she fell asleep feeding her baby.

I guess like mother like daughter!
I loved babies too, this was my baby Beth.

Just last night when I went to tuck her into bed I had to move her A.G doll out of the way so I could give her a kiss!! Good to know she is still my same little girl , just getting bigger.


Anonymous said...

Love, love, love you! How fun to see all the photos! Hope you have a spectacular day!

Daun said...

LOVE Ya Tyler! Have a Happy Birthday, we miss you!

Tiana, I never really thought Tyler looked like you until I saw that picture--holy cow she's a spitting image of her momma. Cute.

Ace said...

I totally remember this!!!

Ha, ha, ha! Ambitious that one-

Good for you for having the patience to allow her to be a such a good mommy to all those kids! She is obviously a born natural!

It's amazing to think that we could ever NOT let them have their every hearts desire, especially while they are so tiny.

You will never look back with regret for having spent that extra half hour, knowing that it made her little days so special.

Happy Birthday mini T!!!

Megz said...

So cute. I love little mamas.
Happy Birthday, Tyler!

Misty said...

She is such a cutie! I love all of the pictures!

Hey I was going to tell you...we did a fun thing last year for Adam's class, too. Here's the link. That way you can keep a running list of easy "friend" gifts. You're right -- they are OH SO important! :)

amynewby said...

cute pictures! I remember her always buckling a baby into Dennis' infant carseat when we'd be visitng g'ma Daley's. I never knew she took care of that many though! wow, she has got some AWESOME mom genes/training. i thought it was tyler in the last picture, she looks so much like you!! I loove the pics of her in bed with all her babies. tyler my love, that will come sooner than you think! you are an amazing girl, happy bday!

Grandma Jean said...

Oh my goodness!! Those are the cutest pictures and what memories. Tyler was so cute with all her babies, a good little mom. And wow, she looks so much like you T. I am just learning to do this, it took me awhile to figure out how to leave a comment... Love you Tyler. Can't believe you are 8!! Love Grandma Jean

Keli and Mike said...

Oh that is so funny! I remember you hauling her kids around, priceless!!