Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What a diffrence 3 days make....

Lots of progress was made at the beginning of this week...HOORAY!!!!
The framers have taken the rest of the week off for Thanksgiving.
All of the interior and exterior walls are up; now we are just waiting on the trusses.
They will be delivered Mon. and set on Tues :)

Looks kind of short with no roof , next week :)
This is the view from the front of our house.... pretty huh?!?


Megz said...

how exciting! Love your view. Keep the pix coming--it's fun to see a house going up.

Misty said...

That view is gorgeous!

Ace said...

Well looks as if you'll have plenty of room for us to join you.

I'll start packing!

Spectacular view. I personally think I could live in a cardboard box if the view was good:)