Thursday, November 12, 2009

Birthday weekend...

This year we went to Idaho for my Birthday, It was so much fun spending it with my silly sisters! (it has been since our mom died; that we have gotten to spend a birthday with all 3 of us)
Here we are Bri's B-day was on Thurs, and mine was on Sat.All the girls went to lunch and then shopping,
while the boys enjoyed a movie :)

Here is everyone that was there to party!
Actually after the girls went shopping, and the boys movie.
My wonderful sisters took my kids so Trav and I could go to dinner.
It was a GREAT DAY!!
Thank you sisters and Bro in law


This weekend Liberty was also dedicated!!
We found Tyler and Liberty matching dresses. (on our shopping trip)
They are both so precious!!!
I just love these girls!
What a Beautiful baby!!!


Megz said...

Happy Birthday! I'm glad you were able to celebrate w/ sisters. And love the dresses--cute girls.

Ace said...

Happy Birthday!!

Maybe since you were so generous with YOUR offer to the big B, I'll see if Bob will be generous back:)

What do ya think?

Love ya~

T Daley said...

Candace~ Yeah I think he owes me!!!
Are you feeling better? I sure hope so!
Love ya

Allison said...

You and your sister are all so beautiful! It's fun to see the girls I never even got to meet. How old are all your siblings?

Anonymous said...

how cute are our girls!!!!!! it was great to spend out bdays with you....
I didn't get to see your good grades Tyler buuuut great job sis!! I am so proud of you! :) love aunt brianne

Burke and Teresa said... and your sisters look so much alike! Sorry I missed your birthday but I hope it was a good one! I really miss working with you every now and again and listen to your fun stories...maybe all of us need to get together sometime (or you should call when you come down). I really hope I don't have a 10 pounder cause I would not be able to get him back. Thanks so much for thinking of me!!

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