Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Our blondie

Every year since Brayden was 7 or 8 we have been bleaching his hair in the summer. Mostly because it was so HOT standing out in the field when he would play ball all SUMMER long, but this year he didn’t play (I am still sad about that) so he was trying to decide if he should still bleach his hair. He doesn’t like it when it is first done but give it a few weeks and it looks AWESOME! Besides his mom thinks he makes a cute… ooops … I mean HOT little Blondie!

It BURNS at first... but then as luck would have it his head just goes numb!

Because he is so dark to start with , it takes like 4+ hours/ 2 or 3 applications of bleach to get it to look blonde and NOT bright orange. And as you can tell he loves every min of it :)
But here is the end result... Nice and white!
I will post an update so you can see how cool it looks in a few weeks.


Megz said...

Maybe I could have you make me a blonde....
I love the contrast with his eyebrows!

Ace said...

As far as I'm concerned that kid could have purple hair and still be adorable.

He is sooo handsome!