Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It helps to think!

So, I usually try to run at least 3 to 4 times a week. Nothing wonderful, I just like to get in about 3 miles(ish). My main goal in this was to just be consistent. And I have been until these last 3 weeks (everyone has been SUPER sick) but I have still managed to get in 2 days min. Well, this week (my running week starts on Sat) I tried to run on Sat morning (outside, because I HATE tread mill running and it looked like a nice day) but got rained on had to cut my run short, then with this time change kickin my fanny (grandma is killing me not going to bed until the early morning hours) I haven’t ran since and Sat hardly even counted.
 So tonight (even though I am so tired) I decided I HAD to get my run in while the boys were at karate. I started with my usual warm up after I stretch… I walk on a 3.5 and a 7% incline for two min then I run. Well tonight at about 1.6 miles I felt like I was going to DIE…. What was going on ?  usually I am good to go and haven’t even really broke a sweat at this point .But tonight, my legs were shaking and I felt like I was going to fall right off the back of the tread mill. I kept run all the while telling myself “what is your problem you do this all the time. You only took 3 maybe 4 days off. GET OVER IT AND RUN! Well my pep talk didn’t work and by mile 2.3 I had to stop. SWEAR WORDS!!!!! After I slowed it back down to 3.5 so I could start my cool down I went to change it back to my 7% incline when I noticed I NEVER change it to my normal 2% I run at. So all this time I was running at a 7% (and for any of you that don’t know how steep that is well the road going up to park city is 5%) No wonder I felt like I was going to die.
Hallelujah, I haven’t lost my ability to run a measly 3 miles…. Just my ability to think!


Misty said...

Ouch! If you can run over 2 miles straight UP, then I'd say you're doing pretty well. :)

Burke and Teresa Bess said...

swear words...you make me laugh so hard!! I am glad to hear you are doing so well! Miss you too wish we could get together!

Misty said...

That would have given me a heart attack. Seriously.

Jared & Melisa said...

That sounds exhausting!!!