Wednesday, March 30, 2011

St. George Comp 2011

 Tyler and Brylie took 1st place on their duet!
They totally rocked it,
and looked so stinkin' cute kickin' some major fanny if I say so myself!
 Way to go girls!
 Tyler also took 1st  on all 5 of her solos...
I know I am her mom... but isn't she so cute?
 and BOTH team dances!

Way to go Foothill Cloggers!


Anonymous said...

SOOO proud of you Tyler!! Wish I could have seen it!!! :) Next time we visit you will have to teach Liberty to clog! love you sis

amynewby said...

Wow! Way to go Tyler!! And way to go Tiana, she couldn't do it without her fam! (and yes, she is sooo stinkin' cute!!)