Saturday, March 12, 2011


The other day at recess Tyler got asked who she liked (as in a boy) by a bunch of her friends. She replied “William" ???(She didn’t even have to think about it, I was SHOCKED! So not like her) WHO?? So like any mom who over hears this, I took a little walk through all the 4th grade classes (one of the perks to working at her school)… NO WILLIAM! So I think... maybe he could be a third grader ?  they are her age but again… NO WILLIAM! Not wanting to sound like a snoop doggie dog, I think, well I will just wait and see if there is a William in her church class…but you guessed it NO WILLIAM!
 What the….

I was glad Monday when I wasn’t the only one who didn’t know who William was, one of her friends came up and asked me who Tyler liked? Because she said she thought Tyler was lying about it!(she didn’t know a William either) Perfect timing… now I could bring it up on the drive down to clogging and so I did. She just gave me this look and said”You know… WILLIAM”! NO I DON’T know or I wouldn’t be asking!!!!! She started laughing at me (how dare she) and just said “mom think about it.” What does she think I had been doing for the last week??? But as luck would have it we were still having this conversation when we picked up her BFF in Santaquin. Tyler laughed and asked her friend “Brylie what boy do I like?” and without even a pause she said “William” Seriously??? Now I am ticked! Why and how does Brylie know this William and I don’t? What am I chopped liver? I am her MOTHER for crying out loud! They both started laughing so hard.
So I started asking questions…I mean if they can laugh at me I can ask questions…right? So I asked “who is his teacher?” she said “don’t know” Yeah right! Then Brylie started laughing so hard she was crying and said “you already know who he is…she has liked him since kindergarten” It hit me like a brick… I DID know who “William” was. Only he didn’t go by William. Technically his first is William but he NEVER goes by it… hahaha tricky Tyler! She has liked him since kindergarten and her reasons today were the same as they were then; he is kind, funny and SMART, the smartest kid she has ever met! In case you can’t tell the smart thing REALLY matters to her We all laughed and laughed  so hard I had to pull over I was SUPER relieved to know I wasn’t chopped liver and that she DOES love me enough to share her cute little crushes with me!!!!!Then I asked her why she called him William ? and why she told everyone at school that is who she liked ? I mean she hasn’t seen him in over a year. She just smiled and said “because he is still the kindest and smartest boy she has met and until she meets someone better, she likes him the most”
THANK YOU “WILLIAM” ( I was told I am not allowed to reveal the name he goes by on here, but if you know anything about Tyler at all, you know who it is) for being such a good kid and setting Tyler’s expectations so high! I just hope and pray she keeps this high standard for all boys she is willing to like!


Misty said...

So cute!

Megz said...

I love that story. And I'm totally like that----digging around trying to find out my kids' secrets!