Sunday, January 15, 2012

Brayden 14 years old

This kid is my FAVORITE little man EVER!

I can't believe how fast he is growing up. (It breaks my heart)

I keep telling him to SLOW DOWN and he just smiles, gives me a hug and laughs.

He is such a great kid and brother. The kids stayed home the other night while Trav and I snuck away on a little date and when we got home we went and tucked the kids in, I asked Brayd how it went. He said "good" (he is famous for his one word answers) but when I went to tuck Tyler in she went on and on about what a good big brother Brayd was and how he played with her and was so nice to her...Aww, just what a mom wants to hear! (And believe you me; Tyler doesn't just give out complements unless they are earned)

I am sure I have said more than I am allowed. So I better just leave you to marvel at how much he has grown this year.

P.S. he is now 5'8" and wears and 11.5 shoe


Megz said...

I love those kinds of moments. And I love the new family pix and individual shots. What a good looking fam!

Travis J said...

And just think.....he will get his learner's permit this year too!! I'm stoked.