Saturday, June 22, 2013

Branson, Mo 2013 part 2

Trav and I at the Dixie Stampede
They made you turn your phones and camera off, so this is the only picture we have,
but it was fun and the food was good (you had to eat it all with your hands, the kids thought that was fun!)

Branson Bella Boat Show
6/20/13 last day in Branson
Brayd and Seirra trying on Captain hats
Getting ready to get on the Bella

This is our van group
They were so much fun!
Had to make a quick little stop in Arkansas :)
One of Tyler's goals is to go to all 50 states
and since we were so close, we had to go.

This is how we traveled...6 15 passenger vans and 2 cargo vans!
we were headed back to Kansas City

All the girls piled up in one of the Cargo vans after a performance at the Dutton's
 ( I was a mom helper that night and we ended up with no pictures....SAD!)
Not recommend, but they loved it and it was less then 1 mile away!
The Kansas City Temple....BEAUTIFUL!

Trav and Grandpa Gurney
Trav got to baptize him for the dead.
My cute little Family at the Kansas City Temple

The boys on the plane ready to go home!
Can you tell it is 4 in the stinking morning?
Waiting in the KC Airport to fly home...Man, it was early!
6/21/13 @ a little before 4 AM!

This is where we had to go straight from the airport :(
This is also the day we got the news about Brayd's BIG surgery we needs to have.
Not going to lie it kinda was a not so fun way to end a wonderful trip!
We had the best time in Branson and it was so good to get away and just enjoy our cute little family and great friends!

Here is my poor Little Man, after being up since 3:30 AM, flying home from MO,getting not so good news
 and then having to get his pre-op work done...NOT BUENO!
He made it out of the parking lot and about 2 miles up the canyon before he crashed!
6/21/13 @ about 4 PM

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