Sunday, June 30, 2013

The night before the BIG surgery....

We had lots of people call and ask us if they could stop by and see Brayd and
since July 1st (the day of surgery) was Trav's Birthday,we decided to have a combo party.
Randy L, Chaw and her family and Brad!
We had lots of people drive up from Santaquin!

 Brayd and his friends Ethan and Taggert

Brad's family!
 They are always so good to us and support us in EVERYTHING!

The Barker's!

 And of course the LaForett's...
don't know what we would do with out the "Gurney Clan"

A BIG thanks to all of these great men!

Hanging out watching a movie

Brayd saying bye to Tyler,
she went and spent the night at the Laforett's
then Em will bring her up to the Hospital when Brayd is out of Surgery!
They are doing their Mr. Bean face

Brayd and Grandpa Gurney doing their "Mr Bean Face"

Before the dreaded Hair cut :(

We were trying to have a little fun... since we had to cut it.
He was not excited about it and it broke my heart having to to it.

Not so bad...with a hat on!

He wanted me to lay by him until he went to sleep
(which he never did so I stayed there until about 2:30 AM)
I am thankful for this boy of mine! He is one great kid and I am one Lucky mom!
Thanks to everyone that took the time to come see us!
We love you all....
I tried to get pictures of everyone that came, but I missed some of you... sorry!

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