Friday, June 21, 2013

Brayden Update:

While in Branson we got a call from a different Dr. then the ones we had seen before and they wanted to know if Brayd could come in asap. I told them we were on vacation and wouldn't be home till Friday (today). They asked us to come in as soon as we got off the plane...hmm, okay. These kind of phone calls tend to make me nervous. But as soon as the plane landed off we went to the U of U neuro Center. We met with the Dr. who explained that Brayden really needed to get that tumor out of there before it started growing in his brain (it is kinda close) and that the way they were hoping to get it out just wasn't going to work. Because it is so deep in his eye socket they are going to have to get it from the back of the eye socket instead of going in through the front or side. In order to do that they are going to have to do a pretty major surgery. They will cut open his skull and go in from behind, they said this takes aprox 6 hours and that he will be listed in critical condition when he gets out of surgery and will spend 24-48 hours in the ICU and then another 24-48 hour in a regular room after that. This is a very risky surgery with lots of things that can be "compromised". He is pretty nervous, but he was a champ with all of his yucky pre-op crap he had to do today. We have 9 days of summer fun left to be had, so that is what we are going to concentrate on for now. Let the fun begin!

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