Tuesday, April 7, 2009

OK, Crazy Aunt Daun this one is for you........

Tyler had Clogging pictures on Monday, and she wanted her hair curly. So on Sunday we had to put her hair in crazy buns (it takes soooooo long to dry because of her long hair) but her hair won't stay curled if we try to curl it with a curling iron,because it is so fine and thin. POOR GIRL!!!!!

so this is what she had to endure
don't mind the MESSY bathroom in the back ground, our mornings are brutal !!!!!!

Tyler's favorite part is when you take out the buns, and her piggies are in ringlets

The end result is totally worth it, a beautiful head of curly hair,and one happy Little Miss :)

I would have taken better pictures of the finished product but, we were running late!!!!


digisnips said...

OMG what a cutie. Hope Aunt Daun doesn't mind sharing with Aunt Shel.

Daun said...

Tyler Renae that is Beautiful!!! Maybe I can talk your mom into doing my hair like that! :)
Thanks for the pic's!! We LOVE to stalk the blog!
(p.s. I don't mind sharing @ all!)
Love Ya, Crazy Aunt Daun

Anonymous said...

Tyler Renae you are so beautiful!!! i miss you and brayden like crazy!!! maybe you can talk mom into coming to oregon when my baby is born...
love aunt bri

Megz said...

I love the buns as much as the curls! I'm still working on perfecting my little girl's parts so your straight ones impressed me!

karen said...

What a load of work for curl! Perfect t-part!