Friday, April 17, 2009

When we are helping we're happy?????

Well it is that time of year........YARD WORK. We had someone come and power rake our yard (it is supposed to be good for it) It makes the biggest mess! So now we have to rake up and haul off all the dead grass. Fun right? Well it can be (when you have a cool dad who rigs your 4 wheeler) The kids thought it was great . Before this great invention however, there was a lot of whining, but after the 4 wheelers were up and running it was all smiles. I guess Santa Clause was right. These 4 wheelers were a good idea :)

Slave labor........ raking dead grass.
(doesn't this just break your heart?) PLEASE

I can NOT believe what mean parents we are!!!!!!!

Oh, sure now it is all fun and games

Poor over worked kids :)

He was having way too much fun making a BIG grass pile.
We actually worked until pass dark (I wasn't kidding when I said it makes a BIG mess.) Our yard better look fabulous this summer.

Thanks Trav for all of your hard work!!!!!
truth be told he did all of the HARD work

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