Friday, April 17, 2009

It's Tyler what can I say?!?

Tyler got this "way cool curling iron thing" for Easter, so of course at 7 am the next morning she was up and ready to have her hair curled. Thanks Easter Bunny!!!!!! No, it really wasn't that bad it only took about 25 min or so, and we were both glad it worked. She HATES to leave her hair down, but her dad LOVES it down. This is their compromise. ........................

Not bad huh?!?!?! They were both happy with the results. I have a feeling I will be curling it a lot more often :)

Much to my delight it stayed in most of the day

This is what else Tyler got for Easter, and again the results were........

What did Brayden get you ask??? Well he got the 1st season of this FAVORITE TV show..................... THE BRADY BUNCH

sorry no pics, he doesn't go around begging to have his picture taken it must be a boy thing

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Anonymous said...

love the wavy look Tyler! You're stylin'