Sunday, April 19, 2009

This was Tyler's first time ever being on a Trials bike. She did pretty well , after she figured out the twist throttle. (the 4 wheeler she uses her thumb) She was so proud of her self, and you'll never guess what she wants now?!? Maybe in a few years. She still can't touch flat footed, so her mean mom says "not yet". You would have to see what they go on,(big rocks, steep hills ) to understand why that is so important. But I am sure the day she can (stand flat footed ) the begging will start.


Anonymous said...

Yahooooo Tyler, hey you guys...yahooo! You DID IT!!!

Daun said...

First, congrats Trav!!! Sorry I missed it. Second--Tyler you scare me. There is NO way you are big enough to do that! But you drive WAY better than I ever could.