Sunday, May 31, 2009

Well, we decided after last week, we all needed a little R&R so we don't have much to report about. Trav and I did get our strawberry jam made. I was fun making it together (never mind that it was midnight) I didn't get any pictures of us making it only the final result, seeing how we were elbow deep in strawberries, and the kids were dead asleep!
Every summer I let my kids pick a theme for each week (12) and we TRY to do fun activities, crafts, games, and find fun books that go along with the theme.This coming up week we are starting our Nature week (we start our new theme every Fri, weird I know, but that what works for us) I will post all the fun things we do after each week, so I don't confuse anyone. I am still in need of a few ideas for our "mad scientist" week coming up. HELP!! I have never been very good at "mad science" but my kids LOVE it, so what do you do?

Doesn't this look heavenly?!?
Can't wait until we can make Peach


Ace said...


Let's get together on Saturday mornings. I'll bring the waffles, you bring the jam-


BTW..Cass is doing fab. Just bought their first house and are currently moving in. Still just the one little princess. Funner than ever! We DO need to do lunch. I'll get my ma and cass and we'll all do it up right!

Allison said...

Yummy! That does look heavenly. What a fun idea about the 12 weeks of school being out. I'll have to start something like that when my kids are all old enough to have fun. I LOVE the idea though. You are such a cute mom!

Megz said...

The jam looks great. Do share all your projects. We'll just do what you do a week behind and that'll save me all sorts of prep!