Thursday, December 10, 2009

Grandma update: I talked to her right before she went to bed and she said she “thinks” she has had her last antibiotic drip. Good news, because that darn IV has been bothering her! Now if she can just get rid of the oxygen thing in her nose….
She “thought” the Dr. said she could go home Fri or Sat, but when I talked to her tonight, she said doesn’t think she feels ready. I am VERY proud of her for admitting it, and I think a few more days might help her too.
She was kind of bummed because they took the cords for her electric blanket away, (that is like taking her birthday away, or worse)but they did let her keep her blanket.
She is too funny.

Grandma and her best friend Martha
Trav putting lotion on Grandma's hands
They are soooo dry??? meds maybe??

Tyler checking Grandma's IV,
she was VERY concerned!

She is looking better :)

This is her IV , see why it will be nice to have that taken out!!
Take note of the bracelets... They caused lots of tears at our house.
One says fall risk,which Tyler said was rude! She felt like it is rude for them to let EVERYone know Grandma some times falls.
And the other is a DNR.... Which we explained to the kids what that meant (yes Grandma was there to help explain) and Brayden lost it. Poor kid, but after a long talk he seemed to be better. It wasn't until later he told us he thought They (the nurses there) put it on Grandma ,and thought she didn't have a say. Now that he knows that she does and the reasons why, he understands.
Some times it is hard growing up!!!!

Thanks for everyone who has prayed for and helped her at this time, I know she really appreciates it. I know I sure do!!!


Allison said...

So good to read an update on that cute grandma of yours.

Megz said...

I love how protective your kids are! They should go into health care.

Misty said...

I'm glad your grandma's doing better. I bet you're so relieved!