Thursday, December 17, 2009

Here are some quick updates; sorry I am such a SLACKER!!

She came home on Wed; and is in need of constant help for a while, so if anyone can help that would be great!!! Other than that she is feeling, looking, and eating better. Thanks for all of your prayers.

House: Nothing has really changed on the outside so, that is why there have been no new pictures. However; they have all of the plumbing, heating and air, and most of the electric done. They are hoping to have our 4- way inspection on Tues. They poured our basement stairs and our porch cap, and our windows finally came, so they are going to put them in tomorrow. On Monday the Central Vac people are coming to put that in. (Hooray, because I think my Dyson is going out) Well, we are slowly getting there. Our builder has been fantastic and really on top of things, let’s just hope he can keep it up!

Kids: We have had some sick kids, (SAD) but I think we are all on the mend. Now I just hope we can stay healthy through the holidays. We finally found our tree and the kids decorated it all by themselves. We have also done some fun cooking: We made rice crispy houses, (they turned out cute) homemade cinnamon rolls. (Heavenly) Tyler’s “famous” Chex mix (she makes it all by herself, and adds tons of yummy stuff) she thinks she is the bomb.
I will try to be better about keeping everyone updated.
Hope you all have a Very Merry Christmas!!!

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Megz said...

Sound like yummy treats---and when the kids can make them themselves even better!
Sorry about your sickies. At least you're getting it over with before Christmas break (hopefully!)