Sunday, December 6, 2009

Poor Grandma...

Grandma Ina Mae has a SEVERE kidney infection, and was dehydrated. So Fri late afternoon she was admitted to the ICU!
On Sunday she was able to be moved to a regular room,
but her kidney infection is still very bad and is making her rather uncomfortable.
POOR grandma.
She has been a very good sport with all of the tests, and poking and prodding they have done.
The kids couldn't see her for the first few days (because there is a rule no kids under 14 years old allowed, talk about chapping someones hide... Tyler and Grandma were not happy )
But, I guess grandma convinced the nurse and right before we had to go home. (to Heber) Because, she let them come give Grandma some much needed hugs and kisses! Who needed them more? I don't know, both sides seemed to feel MUCH better after :)
This is the best Grandma has looked all weekend!!
She said she missed her little loves.
And her "little loves" were worried sick about her.
Here she is showing the kids all of her battle wounds....
Tyler was fascinated, but Brayden about threw up!! He hates hospitals :)

She seems to be doing a little better, but they did tell her she is going to have to go to a "rehabilitation" center. (aka nursing home) for a few weeks (ish) she was NOT happy and doesn't want to go, but she knows she can't take care of her self right now :(
So PLEASE Pray that she can get the strength back so she can go home soon!!!
Until then....... REHABILITATION CENTER HERE WE (all) COME!!!!!!

Thanks to all of our family, friends, co workers, ward members old and new for all of your help!!!!
It is greatly appreciated!


Allison said...

She is the cutest lady! Is she on your side or Travis's? I hope she feels better soon!! I love how closer her and Tyler are.

Ace said...

Poor, poor thing!

I will keep her in my prayers for sure!

Hang in there:)