Saturday, January 23, 2010

First I am going to rant for just a min.... my Friday drive home up the canyon was a NIGHTMARE!!!!! It took me just over 2 hours. Now yes, it was snowing and I know that slows things down (or at least people should slow down) but, last night I think was the stinkin’ Sundance Film Festivals fault, or should I say the crazy people in their fancy rental cars that have NO idea how to drive in the snow..... Some would speed right pass you (but I saw them in the ditch a little further up the canyon) and others I think just parked their cars right in the middle of the road and cried. FYI~if you are from out of town, or just do not know how to drive in the snow... PLEASE, PLEASE get a DRIVER! For the safety of everyone….

OK, now on to the good news ~ they have started to Sheetrock the house, actually I should say they are ½ done!!! I don’t have any good pictures of the inside (sorry Linda) there are just too many people and too much stuff for them to turn out good, but here is a picture of the outside so far….

Hope to have inside pictures next week :)

Have a good night, and please drive safe and responsibly!


Ace said...

Lookin' good!

Sorry about the crazies--
I don't envy your drive at all!

Megz said...

That is starting to look like a real house!
That is one canyon I would hate to drive in snowy conditions, let alone out of town crazies behind the wheel as well. Glad you're still alive!