Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Today was a crazy day!!! Grandma was supposed to be coming home, so we rescheduled piano, rearranged work, got everything all figured out, and were SO looking forward to grandma coming home! Then we get a phone call (after 2 pm) that it will be Friday instead.....GRRRRRRR! Why is it after you rearrange everything, they change it to the day you moved everything to?
Oh, well deep breaths….. On a good note; I was talking to a lady today at the school, and she gave me the # of someone that she recommends to cut hair! YAHOO, I need a hair cut in the worse way!

This picture has nothing to do with my post…. I just thought it was cute of the little Miss.

She has taken a liking to the eye shades. (as she calls them) She says it helps her sleep with ALL of Brayden's night lights on.

The joys of sharing a room :)

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Megz said...

What good sports your kids are. Hopefully this new transition will go smoothly for everyone!
Love Tyler's solution for a nice dark sleep!