Wednesday, January 13, 2010

This morning Grandma asked me what I would say to my mom if I could talk to her. So, I thought about it for a while and I decided it depended on how much time I had...... You know, would it be a nice leisurely talk over some Cream of Weber chocolate milk like the good old days, or is it a 5 minutes that is all you get type thing?
But, for the sake of the blog I will just go with short….

First off~ I would thank her for her example, sacrifice, and never ending trust and faith in us. Then I guess I would have to thank her for her “tough love” she so wisely helped us endure. It was because of this; I learned that all actions have consequences, good and bad, and I had to live with the choices I made. LIFE SAVER to learn this early!!!!
Next~ I would have to tell her how much I appreciated the fact that she took us places, EVERYWHERE! Shopping, parks, horseback riding, long trips, short trips, from one end of the US to the other, even over seas. She never made us feel as though we were a bother. She truly loved having us around and we knew it. She built great memories I will NEVER forget!

She was always there for us, annoyingly so sometimes. But, I KNEW I could count on her 1000% day or night she would be there. Words cannot express the importance of that! So I dedicate my life to be there for my kids…. You never know how long that will be.
Last but certainly not least, and truth be told probably the first question I would ask is…… What in the heck were you thinking sending Kirsten and I on a Grey Hound BUS by ourselves when we were so little, or at all for that matter?????? Were you CRAZY!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday mom, we love you!
( and all the good times, bad times, and what were you thinking times!)


Anonymous said...

This made me cry :) Happy birthday Mom!!! <3 Bri

Burke and Teresa said...

What a great post Tiana!! I need to do better at telling my mom things while she is still with me! I also love the pictures of Grandma with with cute!

Misty said...

Even if it was a short talk, you'd still have Cream of Weber chocolate milk. :)

Great post, T!

T Daley said...

Misty you are sooooo right about that!!! She would probably take mine for the road :)

Ashley said...

Tiana Tyler looks so much like you in that pic! And please share what cream of weber chocolate milk is? sounds kinda good :)
What a special post about your mom.

Megz said...

I love that idea and the nice pics--makes me want to make sure my kids have pictures with their mom to help preserve some memories.
Thanks for sharing.