Friday, January 1, 2010

Good bye 2009....

It is no secret 2009 has been a difficult year for me. I HATE change and 2009 was chuck full of it. But, with all challenges comes growth or should I say "room for growth" if we allow it, so I am doing my best to learn from all of my experiences.
I was going to say you could sum up 2009 with the big "S word" and the more I thought about it the more it is true. We have experienced lots of "S words" this year. (Not all bad)
These are not in any kindof order:
I feel like we have had our fair share of stress this year: health issues, moving, building a house, moving, Grandma's health, moving, new schools... Oh, and did I mention MOVING!!!! We have done lots and lots of moving. Which stresses me out to the max!!
#2~ Surprise
I have been amazed by my Children and their ability to adjust! I think there is only one person in this whole world that HATES change more than I do, and that is Brayden. He has done so well, and I am so proud of him and his example. I also was surprised by how many people are NOT LDS and how Big it is here ! I have always heard that Heber is a "small town" hmmm....I have also been surprised by how nice the weather has been up here... LOVE the inversions :)
#3~ Support
I do NOT know what I would do without the support of my friends, new and old. I have been blessed with the most amazing Friends in the world! When I have been totally stressed out, here comes my friend (who had to drive 120 miles round trip) to help me figure out what to do with a problem with the house, or to take me to lunch, or to go shopping, I could go on and on.....
I just have to say, they are my life savers, and I love them and their families dearly!
#4 ~Sacrifice
All I have to say about this is, there is NOT one person in our family who hasn't had to do MAJOR sacrifice this year. I am thankful for the love and willingness we show each other, even in hard times!
I can hear my mother say "I never said it was going to be easy, just worth it"
I truly believe this and hope my children will see the blessings of sacrifice!!
We have been blessed with safety, with all the time we have spent driving up and down the canyon. I am Thankful for Safety!
Man, it seems like we have been hit with a lot of this this year! Thankfully nothing to serious, but, we have learned to try to keep stress in check, Headaches are no FUN!!!!
There is NOTHING better, than the blessings of an Eternal Family!!!!!!
#8~ Stability
I am a list maker and schedule lover. My family is the same, so stability is what makes us have a happy home. Enough said :)
#9~ Storage/Savings
This kind of goes hand in hand with sacrifice, I am thankful that through this challenging time in our country, we have been able to save and receive the blessing from having food storage. I must say I have been freaking out a little (ok a Lot) that my food storage has been dwindling. We had to give some of it away when we moved, and have had to keep it kind of small until we get into our home. But don't you worry I have a savings account I put $$ in every month so I can rebuild that baby when we move in :)
#10~ Service
We have had great opportunity this year to serve and be served. I am so thankful for the willingness of others who have helped us out when we have needed it. Without even being asked, how they know we needed help I will never know! We have always tried to do service; take meals into people, watch kids, drive kids, shovel walks, help with yard work, ect.
But, lately I have found it can even be as simple as sitting by someone new in church, holding a baby for someone who has a toddler having a bad day, or hugging your kids, and husband when they are in need.
This is one of our goals for 2010. To try to do more service, the little things that make life easier. I want my kids to love to serve, and do it like second nature. My mom was a great example of service to me, and I want to be one for my kids!
So~ Happy New Year to everyone, I hope it is full of all the good
"S words"


Megz said...

I think you guys have that service thing down.
What a great list and good reminder of things we should be focusing on.
At least your next move will be to your new house! Happy 2010!

Burke and Teresa said...

I agree that you have a great list going! What a great year for you guys. Good luck with Grandma and your house!

Misty said...

Your so good. My resolution is to be more like you.