Tuesday, May 18, 2010

OK, CB&T girlie's these are for you! Here are a few pictures of the house(I took some of the outside and the kids rooms , but they didn't turn out, so I will take some more and post them later) Here is the kitchen... well half of it anyway :)
and here is the other half. Trav did a good job didn't he?
at first it looked a little manly, but now I think it fits us perfectly

MUCH to my surprise I sure have missed these guys "Tyler's kids"
I can't remember a day in Tyler's little life they haven't been strung every where. They had to be put in storage when we moved and boy was she glad to get them back! I LOVE listening to her play, teach,discipline and love them. It sure teaches me a lot about how I treat my kids... for better or for worse, I hear her tell her "kids" stuff I tell mine.

This is the kids loft.
It is MUCH bigger than it looks, and they tell us every day it is their FAVORITE room in the whole house.
So for now that is all I have, I will try to get more taken( I will even include one of our messy garage)


Ace said...

I'm soooo excited for you!!!

Wow. It's spectacular.

I love your choices and can't wait to see the rest.

And I would LOVE to come visit anytime to help with anything you need--

Happily! (in exchange for a chocolate banana shake-- I'll bring the cinni rolls.)

T Daley said...

Candace~we are SO on!!!

Leon said...

Love your kitchen. And the loft looks like it would be a hit at my house as well. Want to see more!

Burke and Teresa said...

Your house is so cute!! I want to come visit...but most likely you wouldn't be at the bank the day I came :). I miss you a ton though and hearing your stories!!

char said...

Wow, Your house looks amazing! I love it! I agree Bri does need to update her blog! I am glad u found me on here!!