Monday, May 3, 2010

What a fun way to start off a Monday... Tyler has pink eye :(


Allison said...

with all your totally forgot to tell your daughter she needs to wash her hands! LOL

Misty said...

That stinks. Hope she doesn't share it with the rest of you! And don't worry about being a freak. I still can't bring myself to put Caulder in a booster seat. He'll be in a car seat until he's 18. Being crazy is awesome.

Travis J said...

I think that our situation today tops the pink eye issue. Tuesday is much worse than Monday!!! $#^$%$@@!!!!!

Misty said...


Ace said...


So sorry..

But glad it's you..

My kids have diarott..

I win.


p.s. you are a wonderful kind of crazy!