Saturday, May 1, 2010

OK~ so we all know I am a FREAK when it comes to my kids! Well this has NOT gotten better over time. So, when Grandma came to live with us I had to accept the fact that my kid’s bedrooms would have to be in the basement... Not my favorite thing! When they are below you, you can't hear them as well, and it is MUCH easier for some lunatic to break in... Plus we have an outside door to the basement, (just thought we could make it a little easier for who ever wanted to break in) so in my opinion these are all very good reasons to make me CRAZY!!! What can I say... I LOVED having my kids up stairs, every time their little feet would hit the floor I could hear it, if someone tried to break in they would have to scale a wall and then the second their feet would hit the floor I would be able to hear it. Another nice thing is I would be able to hear them and meet them at the top of the stairs if they were sick, scared, cold, or just plain lonely... but now down stairs?? NADA, NOTHING, NOT A SOUND!!! So, I tried to be brave and not to let this be a big deal when the whole “the kids rooms will be in the basement" talk happened. However I am me, so it is! I haven't mentioned a word about it to the kids, they think it is SO COOL to be in the basement and I don't need them freaking out too. RIGHT?

Any how I made Trav buy and install these window and door alarms. (They screech at like 120 des) I had him put them on all the windows and door so I could sleep. You see I am a VERY light sleeper and I was getting up like 50+ times a night (no lie) to check on them because I "HEARD" a noise. I KNOW CRAZY!

Well, this morning at like 4 ish I heard this LOUD crushing, glass breaking sound. In LESS than a heart beat I was down stairs telling the kids to come and have a sleep over on my floor :) they had no idea what time it was. I was trying not to sound completely freaked out, but I still had NO idea what it was. All I knew is if it was someone breaking into my house they were NOT going to get my kids... anything else (besides Trav and Grandma) they could have. When I got back up stairs Trav was just coming in from outside... see it WAS loud because Trav can and often does sleep through anything! He couldn't see anything or one out there. We went and checked on Grandma, and of course she heard nothing, and was still sleeping like a baby (lucky her) just then we saw some flashing lights and people running across the road... Someone had rolled their car, totally crushing the entire top of the car. And that is what the noise was. I really hope they are ok, we haven't heard.

But later that morning when Trav was telling Grandma about it; Tyler started laughing hysterically she looked at me and said “I am glad you are a good mom, and you love us enough to make sure we were safe. But... YOU ARE CRAZY!!!!!" All I can say is TRUE, TRUE! This is a fault of mine I will probably never get over…. Poor Trav and the kids!

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