Thursday, August 26, 2010

Well ~I wish I could report that we had a GREAT start to the new school year...
but that was not the case!
It was a Horrible morning and I had to leave 2 kids in tears,
however I do NOT owe Tyler a dime!
I didn't shed a tear ....until I got home! This was before the chaos... Yes, I know Tyler's hair is in rollers
(she starts an hour and 20 mins after he does)
Doesn't he look handsome...
but to little to be in Jr High??

This was hair do #1
Not lovin' it so she had me change to...

Hair do # 2!
She likes this MUCH better (and so do I)
so for once I was happy to redo it :)

This is the back. If I say so myself she has BEAUTIFUL hair!
I am on pins and needles for them to get home... I can't wait to hear about their day!
I have been praying for the last 5 hours that is going better than this morning.


Megz said...

I feel your pain---hopefully they've had an awesome day and won't even remember the tears.
LOVE Tyler's hair. You've got skillz!

Travis J said...

It really ended up well. Both of them came home with smiles, and a lot of great things to say and share!