Sunday, August 15, 2010

WELL… we have officially been living in Heber for a year! Some days I can’t believe it has already been a year and others I feel like it has been FOREVER! Last year at this time I remember feeling so over whelmed with the unknown and change… I so know better … I guess I got exactly what I should have expected… A nice heaping helping of “I didn’t say it was going to be easy … only worth it”. First it started out with health problems and with every Dr. visit something else would come up, and because we had moved, this meant new Dr.’s in unfamiliar places. NO FUN!!! I had to stop taking Tyler with me because one Dr. scared her silly. But like with all things, some good came out of it… like new ideas, test and perspectives. A blessing indeed! Then we had the whole Grandma thing not too long after we moved up here (Grandma was one of my BIGGEST worries about moving up here) Again, a BLESSING! I have known for a while that it was NOT in her best interest for her to be living by herself, but she is stubborn (gee, wonder where I get it from) and she swore she wasn’t moving except to the cemetery… Yes she would tell us those EXACT words! So I was actually kind of relieved when the Dr.’s told her she couldn’t live by herself anymore and I didn’t have too. I did feel bad for her having to leave her home, friends and independence behind. And I am not going to lie it was/ still is a MAJOR adjustment for our whole family, but the blessing keep on pouring in and we are so thankful she is with us. But undoubtedly I think the hardest thing we have had to deal with this year is Aunt Shel dying… MY poor sweet like kids who loved her so much! It breaks my heart to listen to Tyler tell me how she feels like nobody remembers them anymore… she was ALWAYS so good at coming to everything; school plays or concerts, baseball games, Birthday parties (even when she would have to drive for 11 hours to be there) anything that was important in their little lives she would be there for. And when she couldn’t be there they would get mail/out of control care packages for every occasion. But this too has brought blessing… lessons that can only be learned at times like these.
I know I have said this a MILLION times and I still mean it… I HAVE THE BEST FRIENDS EVER!!!!!!!!!
I think moving has made me appreciate this even more than I did before. I have always been blessed with the BEST friends, but this year they have turned into Angles from above! I can’t even count the hundreds of miles/ hours traveled to: take me to lunch on a bad day, stock my freezer full of meals, support my kids in the things that they are doing, pick up/ drop off kids, help move TWICE, help paint/pick out house stuff and anything else that comes up. They are ALWAYS there through the good, the bad and the ugly. I will never be able to thank them enough! It has really made us realize who we truly are important to… actions speak louder than any words! P.S. to all of my friends who have supported us through phone calls, “chatting”, blogging and kind letters …Thank you my cyber angels :)
Even though it has been a difficult year I would sum it up as a good one.
Trav and I are still madly in love, our kids (and grandma) are happy and healthy, and for us there is still no place we would rather be than together….
EVEN in Heber!


Megz said...

I can't believe it's been a whole year either. Your life sure has changed and you have a great attitude about everything.

Ace said...


This one made me cry.

Love you my dear--
and even though I am a self professed "phoneaphobic" I would do anything for you.


So happy life is settling down for you and that you still have the proper perspective.

If you will email me your digits again I will give you a jingle.