Monday, July 1, 2013

I don't even know what update this is...

 We just talked with the surgeons and I have got to tell you they scared the CRAP out of me. I saw them walking down the hall before they saw me and they looked stressed out. When I first saw their faces I thought I was either going to throw up right there or pass out. It is a good thing Kirsten was there to tell me to calm down. (She was sitting right by me and I was holding one of the girls. Trav was across from me and didn't see them coming up the hall yet)
 Thankfully they had good news and we didn't get pulled into "the room"!!
They said the surgery went really well and that last little bit of the tumor came out easier than the other parts so it didn't take as long as they thought, it looks hopeful that they got all of it and it looks like what they thought it was (something that I can't even remember right now) but they don't think it looks cancerous.
They said it would be another hour to put him back together and into recovery.
 They told us before we went in that he would be in critical condition and we wouldn't be able to see him for about 12 hours after surgery because of the brain swelling, so I am prepared for that. I just want them to tell me he is out and stable. It has been over 9.5 hours now and it sounds like we have another hour or so to go.
We can do this... we are almost done!

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