Monday, July 1, 2013

Last surgery on with recovery!

I just saw my baby...wasn't suppose to, but I just happened to be in the right place and saw them wheeling him out of the OR into recovery. Couldn't touch him, but I was able to see him.feeling blessed.
The very best part is he looks like himself...swollen, but good
Update on this 7/10/2013
Let me give a little back story to this...
We got NO phone reception where we were waiting. It was a bummer! Every once in a while you would get just enough to tell you you were getting a call and then you would have to go find a spot that worked. Too bad the same spot never worked twice.  
Tyler had spent the night at Em's and they were on there way to the hospital. My phone was making some weird clicking sound so I thought I had better find a spot that worked and call Em to make sure it wasn't them needing something. Went down this little hall and found a spot that worked. After I talked to Em , my phone rang it was my neighbor and since I had nothing better to do I answered it. We were talking for about 10-15 mins when all of the sudden the double doors in front of me opened and the he was... they were wheeling him out of where ever he was.
I hung up on my poor neighbor and friend Marie and ran up to the bed. They told me not to touch him or talk to him, but I got to see him! That was all I needed! he looked good, better than I thought he would  and he was breathing and I could hear his heart beating (on the machine of course) and did I mention he looked good! Like Brayden the one I had left almost 12 hours earlier!
I have no words to describe how much my mama heart needed to see him!  YES, I know and thanked Heavenly Father for putting me in the right place at the right time!
After following him down the hall (BTW, they could have walked me off of a cliff and I would have followed. I wasn't paying attention to where we were going I was too busy trying to take mental note of how Brayd was)  he went through some more double doors and out of sight. They told us it would be a few more hours before we got another update.
As I was standing in a strange hall full of double doors that said "Do not enter"
 or "Authorized people only"
I ran into his Anesthesiologist, He told me how well Brayden had done and how he his surgery would be talked about for a long time. He said that  Brayd was an athlete not just in good shape but an ATHLETE! (this made Brayd very happy)
He told me he had never been in a surgery for that long and that intense and have a kid or anyone for that matter be so strong!
I told him it must be all the swimming Brayd does.

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