Monday, July 1, 2013

Update # 6

I was really hoping this would be the update that they would say " he is out of surgery and doing great" since it has already been more than 8 hours.
 However, instead they said they are still working on trying to get all of the tumor out, they think another 2 hours.
I know... don't panic... it is not going to help!
 Trust me I have already tried it, also throwing up doesn't help either :(
They said he was doing good , but getting tired. I had to ask her what that meant, because all I could remember is the Dr saying we didn't really want to go too much over 8 hours because it gets too risky and now they are telling us another 2 hours and he is tired???
I am too tired to understand this!
I just want Brayd out of surgery with his skull put back together and him looking like he did when he went in!
She said she will update us when they start closing up
 because they either; A) got all of the tumor
or B) he can't take it anymore.
I am praying for A!
 It is all I can do to not run in there grab Brayd and run like mad.
Yes, I know this is not even something that I could do
 and Trav kindly reminded me there is NO way
 I would want to see Brayd the way he is at this very second,
but it doesn't make me not want to do it anyway.  I have been pretty good
all day, but I think I was holding out for the 8 hour mark and it has passed
and now I can feel myself starting to panic like a crazy person!

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