Monday, July 1, 2013

Update # 7

The last update we got left me feeling sick to my stomach and left me feeling like a nervous wreck.
 Every time that stupid phone rings (the one that they use to give updates to the families, we are not the only ones her, but we have by far been here the longest) I break out in to a sweat! We have been here all day and have seen people come and go.
 I just watched one family be pulled into "the room" you know the one where they shut the door instead of just telling you out in the open like everyone else.
So right now I am just PRAYING we NEVER have to see the inside of that room...EVER!!!!!
Then they called my name to get an update: it has only been an hour....
When I got on the phone the nurse said they were starting to close up. I asked her if it was because they got all of the tumor or if Brayd was having a hard time. She said she didn't know.
 How can you not know? You are standing right there! PLEASE tell me!!!!
Instead she just said the surgeons (he had 2 of them one for the eye part and one for the brain part) would be out as soon as they were done with their part to let us know what was going on.
 I am suddenly feeling mad/scared to death. How can they call you and say that and then not tell you anything else?
Are they trying to give me a heart attack or a stroke or something?
Good thing Kirsten just got here or I might really be going to find out what the heck!

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