Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It' A Girl!!!!!!!!
My little sister Bri just found out she is having a girl :)
Finally some more cousins for my kids. (actually we are having a baby boom this year and I am loving it!!!) And girls are in short supply in my family, so hooray!!!! Congrats Bri and Phillip.


Jared and Melisa said...

How fun, you have to tell Bri that I said congratulations! If she even remembers who I am.:)

Misty said...

Hey! It was good to see your note on my blog. Your kids are so cute. And I'm amazed that Travis chose a clogging competition over biking. He's definitely in the running for dad of the year! Glad you're all doing well - and thanks for the tip about Kool-aid painting. We'll have to try it.