Saturday, May 2, 2009

So after the long day of clogging, we went back to Park City and relaxed (this was the kids definition of relaxing) I do NOT know how they can spend ALL day in the pool! It wears me out after a few hours. Tyler was most pleased when it started to snow, it is her FAVORITE thing to swim in the snow and she had been hoping and praying it would snow while we were up here. (the pool temp is like bath water, and when it snows, steam comes of the pool . Can you think of an cooler atmosphere to play shark in the water ???) you can't really tell in the pictures though. We had a great week (5 days) it is nice to get away sometimes :)
Brayden trying to get Trav..............He should know better

Now he is trying to hog all the balls. I think it is for safety reasons, because he knows what will happen if he gives them up REVENGE!!!!!!

I do not know how they can even see out of those goggles!?!

We ran into some friends (Jaron and Michelle) while we were here, what a small world.

Here is a picture from our room to show that it really was snowing, by morning there was a lot more. To bad we are all sick of the snow, because it really was pretty.

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