Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ok, so I am a slacker! This has been one crazy week. We have had Hope of America, field trips, clogging, young men, Scout camp, baseball, and school stuff every night this week. On top of all that, our neighborhood has been hit by bad luck. We have 2 of our close neighbors in the hospital. (Sad) I will try to get the pictures from all of the fun things we’ve been doing posted soon. Next week will be another fun one, being it is the LAST week of school for us! (I am doing back flips I am so excited) So please don’t worry if I am a slacker for another week or so.
Love you all!


Megz said...

I can't make up my mind if I should be doing backflips or crying great bucketloads of tears with school being out. We still have two weeks left so I have some time to decide!

Burke and Teresa said...

I hope you will still be working at the bank because I am going to be filling in some at the Orem office. I will be there next Friday!!

Ace said...

Remember how you sent me a Christmas card with your blog address in it? Oh how I really wanted to visit it, alas no computer at our house. Then TA-DA!!-We finally got one in March and I just NOW found you. It was that clever little name you gave your blog. Which by the way, is darling..darling!

Anywho..miss your guts. I was going through my yearbook the other day and laughing my head off remembering the good ol' days. Good freakin' times eh?

Wish Madi still did clogging so I could see you more than once every decade or so.

Lets get together ya, ya, ya?