Saturday, May 2, 2009

Better late then never.... Right????

Tyler had another clogging competition, this time in Taylorsville. She did very well again (all of Tara's teams took 1st place in all their dances) We went and stayed up in Park City Thurs.- Sun because we had a lot of running around and it is closer to Trav's work and SLC. It is always a treat to have Trav close by and home early :) (he was only 15 min away)


Megz said...

Good job Tyler!
Seems like a great escape for the whole family as well.

Misty said...

You guys have so much fun. I'm jealous of all the trips lately! Glad you're enjoying life. Kory's doing great. He lives in Orem, and he's still painting and working on motorcycles (he's a motorcycle mechanic in his spare time). And my mom's a slacker. I always yell at her to update her blog but she never does it. I'll tell her she has adoring fans who are eagerly awaiting the next update! BTW - thanks so much for putting Tukk's name in the temple when he got sick. You guys are awesome!