Saturday, May 23, 2009

Schools Out For Summer !!!!!

Well, we made it!!!! I must admit I am so excited school is out, partly because I was so ready to have a break and because it seems like once your kids are in school all day you NEVER see them anymore. It has been a couple of fun crazy weeks. So here we go...

Hope Of America
This was a great program and I was amazed at how well all the kids did.
Having so many different schools there,and only Practicing together once. All the kids hand movements were right on. I also thought the living flag was amazing!!!!
Brayden's class was the top middle red part of the flag
Colby, Brayden, Mrs. Hamilton and Lexi
The end of year field trip for the 5th graders.

Fun times on the bus up to Rock canyon Park

They played kick ball

Giant twister
This was super funny

Now for the BIG event...

We all went rock climbing, most of us had NEVER been before so this was a real adventure. A lot harder then I thought it would be.
Doesn't help when you are deathly afraid of heights!!!!!!!

Go Brayden go. He did great!!!!
I was trying to remember to take pictures and breath at the same time

Now my turn, I kept trying to remind the little ones holding my rope to PLEASE not drop me! Thanks to Carter for keeping me alive!
Brayd was the one taking the pics ,he did a great job but he took 5 at the very beginning and then he was done :)

Tyler's Field Trip

Tyler's class has been writing to pen pals all year to a 3rd grade class up in Eagle Mountain, so they went to have a picnic and games at the park to meet their pen pals. They were all so excited. Tyler's little pal was Ashton. (the boy in the grey shirt next to Tyler) They played games like the animal game, red rover and the name game. They all had so much fun.

The history fair
Let me introduce you to ...
How cute it this? I mean come on have you ever seen such a cute Daniel Boone in your life?

For their final project in humanities they had to research their person in history, give a time line 100 years before and after their persons life, write a memoir on their person, and then dress up as and act as this person the night of the fair. Sounds easy right? Wrong, this project took a lot of time, blood, sweat, and tons of tears (from many students) But the end result was amazing!!!!!! I was so proud of my students and especially Brayden. They all did so well!!!!! I hope that every one who came to see this appreciated all the hard work the kids and their teachers put into it!!!

Here are a few of the people from history (1700's)
Don't they all look fantastic?!?!!
The Last Day Of School :(

I am really going to miss these cute guys!!!

This is a group of Tyler's friends
All boys go figure!!!

Tyler and one of her bestest friends Marco
This kid is hillarious

Josh and Tyler high 5-ing their good work on the board
I love this picture!!!
They didn't know I was taking it (the best kind)

Clogging Night

Tyler and her teacher Miss Condit
she is sure going to miss her!!!

3 beautiful dancers
I didn't post any pictures of them dancing I figured at this point every one is pretty familiar with them and dance review night it is dark so the pics aren't the best any way. Of course they all did wonderful.
That is what we have been up to. I am sure we will still keep plenty busy with Baseball, swimming, and we still have piano. So the summer is off to a great start. I hope everyone has a happy, fun, and safe summer!


Megz said...

You have been busy! Rock climbing looks fun, but I sure don't think I'd trust anyone under 20 to hold me up!
Five more days before our freedom and the kids have been definitely counting down.

Ace said...

Would have PAID some serious cash to see you rock climb while the kids belayed you. Ha ha ha ha! I bet you were straight crappin' your pants.

That looks like one heck of a school..I remember you saying you basically drive across the state and back each day so they can go there--Now I can see why.

p.s. Thanks for the ant farm tips. There was no info of the sorts in her kit, but that would make sense. Guess I won't worry about sending off for them if the end result will be the same anyway. Just glad to know it's not an intentional death chamber.