Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day part 2

Tyler and I went and put flowers and glow stick hearts(or butterfly) on the graves of our loved ones on Sat. The glow sticks were Tyler's idea and they turned out so cute! They were BIG glow sticks with a cute little top on them. We lit them in the van so we could see what they would look like, and all I can say was Tyler was pleased!! She wanted us to stay until dark so we could take pictures, but we had to get home to the boys.

Grandpa Malan's

Tyler was VERY insistent that NO ONE put flowers on Grandma's side

"She isn't there yet people" were her exact words!

Aunt Terra's .... Tyler picked a Yellow butterfly for her
She said it looked Winnie the pooh ish

Aunt Shel's was her LEAST favorite one... she almost started crying
but she was a trooper and put the glow stick right in front :)

My mom's was dirty :(
Darn birds! But I didn't have anything to clean it with and since we don't live close anymore
we had to just leave it that way until next time we are down...
I will make sure we have something to clean it with then!

Hope everyone had a fun and SAFE Memorial Day

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