Friday, June 4, 2010

Softball has started!

Now it feels like summer can begin!
I am kind of sad because Brayden didn't want to play baseball this year, and I LOVED watching him! But we decided NOT to make him play. (I make him do enough all ready... ie shower, brush teeth, read, do homework, clean up after himself, piano, and some days I even make him floss! So, as you can see he is picked on)
However, Tyler couldn't wait to play softball this year! So we will be spending only two nights a week at the ball park. She is on the Angels this year and she was thrilled they were red and NOT pink! It is a coach pitch/ slow pitch team which means the girls pitch and inning and then the coach does one. It actually works out pretty good, and she was glad to not have to do another year of coach pitch, but as usual she is the smallest one on her team by at least a head!
(something she is going to have to get use to I am afraid!)
I love her smile in this picture!
And never mind that their shirts are an adult LARGE... Yes she looked like the shirt had swallowed her :)
she played 1st & 2nd base and did a GREAT job!
She even managed to get a few hits!
It was kind of rough the first inning the girls pitched, but by the end of the game they were doing awesome!
They even ended up winning their first game... HOORAY!


Travis J said...

She is very fun to watch. She is growing up so fast....almost as fast as Brayden!!!

Misty said...

Oh my goodness, I love this! She looks like a little firecracker out there. Tell her if she ever wants anyone to throw with, I'm her girl. :)

Megz said...

She looks like a natural out there.
Loved the part where you make Brayden do enough stuff already---you definitely have to pick your battles!

Jess said...

Fun!! Tyler seems to be good at everything! :)

T Daley said...

She is like her dad that way! Brayden is good at baseball too.. he just didn't want to play this year! So sad for the mom who loved watching him!