Wednesday, June 23, 2010

OK! So, I have tried and tried and tried for days to down load video from camp, but Blogger hates me so NO video … VERY sad because I had some good stuff.
So, I guess I will just have to tell you about it instead.
We had the BEST guest speaker, her name is Kris Belcher. EVERYONE and I do mean EVERYONE should listen to her (or at least read her *book) she is AMAZING!!! The things she has overcome, the trials she has had, and ALL with a good attitude and a spirit like you wouldn’t believe. Everyone has trials … ummm that is what we are here for, you know so we can learn and grow from them. But this lady man… I feel like I have had it easy! Her talk alone made camp worth it.
Then we had Sister Snow who again was amazing, and our stake music lady was Sister Zollenger another AMAZING one (you should check out her CD)
Heber camp it’s self is beautiful! I feel very blessed to have such a neat place so close. I tell you Pres Hinckley LOVED the youth (especially the young women) there was no detail forgotten :)
My least favorite part was the Challenge course… It was SCARY!!! I was so proud of the girls, even though most of them were scared to death (and they had every right to be) they ALL did it! And because of that, I had to… I am not going to lie I hated every min of it … but you can’t break a promise at girls camp. RIGHT??
It was a good week and I am glad I go t to go, but I am also VERY glad to be home.
*Sister Belcher’s book is called “Hard Times in Holy Places"

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Misty said...

Oh my goodness, Kris Belcher is AMAZING! She was one of the speakers when my mom and I went to Time Out For Women, and she seriously is so great! Your girls are so lucky! It sounds like you had a blast! What craft did you guys do?

Oh, and I'm officially jealous that you got to do the challenge course!!! They didn't let any leaders do it when we were there, and I wanted to so bad! Way to be brave and keep your promsie! :)