Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day

On Monday Trav had a downhill race up at Sundance... He did AMAZING!!!!
* just click on the pictures to make them bigger so you can see better :)
This was him coming across the finish line on his first race. It doesn't look like it, but he was going FAST!!! I swear the second they announce he is on the track I hold my breath... apparently that is for 4 min and 33.2 seconds. Yep, that is how long it took him to go a little over a mile and a half on some of the roughest trail I have ever seen.
As you can see by his cute face he made it down safe and sound!
Now just one more to go....

Heading back up for his final ride

This time we hiked our fanny's up the mountain
I normal try to avoid seeing things like this ( I am already nervous enough)
But it was all for the sake of getting an awesome picture,
so now refer to above picture... Who could say NO to that face?
So I sucked it up and just prayed he wouldn't crash!
I think at this point... I almost had a heart attack

But by this point(still not breathing) I knew he had made it,
but again he was going VERY FAST!
My camera takes pictures every 2.5 sec, and these are all in a row

Go Trav Go!!!

In the end he got 3rd place.
He was a little bummed, but I thought he did GREAT
there was less then a second between 1st and 3rd and over 25 people racing.(in his class)
So to me 3rd was awesome!


Misty said...

Wow, 3rd place is awesome! That picture of him jumping is great - good job! (But it gives ME a heart attack, and I'm not even married to the guy 20 feet in the air!) :)

Megz said...

You are a brave wife.
Next time encourage him to for 25th....the slower times seem a bit safer!

T Daley said...

I agree Meg.... slower is ALWAYS better in my book! Then you have his little girl saying faster dad faster:)

Travis J said...

What my beautiful wife hasn't told you is that she stood outside from about 11 in the morning until about 6 that night, all to support me and take some pictures of my 2 race runs! Thanks babe, you are the best!!

Jaron and Michelle said...

Yeah that is exciting he got 3rd! Travis has always told Jaron he needs to go with him. I never knew what it was until a few days ago and I don't think it is a good idea. Jaron would kill himself doing that. You are brave to let Travis do that!