Monday, March 23, 2009

We love to see the temple...

On March 14th we went up with our ward to see the Draper Temple. It was a great experience. How often do you get to be in the celestial room with your kids?????? (The spirit wasn’t quite the same as it is after they dedicate it, but it was certainly still there!!!) One of the kid’s favorite things about the temple was the baptismal font. Brayden can’t wait to turn 12. He wants Trav to schedule a trip to the temple as soon as he can go with the Young men. It is hard for me to believe he is almost old enough. On Sunday Trav and I went to the dedication. It too was a great experience. I am thankful to have such an awesome little family!!!!!!!

In the church waiting to go into the chapel to watch a short movie.
(a lot of waiting this day but ,well worth it)

Tyler showing off her brochure!!!!!

This is us on the BLUE bus on our way up to the temple.

in front of the Draper Temple

Tyler's allergies were acting up in the wind so while we were waiting for the BLUE bus again,we had a little snuggle time :)
I love snuggle time any chance I get!!!!


Megz said...

Unfortunately if you asked my kids about the temple they would probably only remember the super loooong line in the tent before we actually made it inside. Next time we're going on a weekday!
Your short hair is cute. (has it been that way forever?)

Jared and Melisa said...

What a beautiful family! And what great kids you have. Olivia's favorite part of the temple was the bus ride:) but that's from a two year old.