Monday, March 30, 2009

Tylers fabulous cookies

Tyler wanted me to show everyone the cookies she made all by herself. In case you can't tell she is VERY proud. She made these last week for F.H.E. I told her she could use what ever kind of chocolate chips she wanted. (My BAD) They actually tasted pretty good.
Like all good cooks, you must lick your fingers to make sure it is good enough to share!

OK, she used Milk chocolate chips, Heath chips, Peanut butter chips, and M&M's.
Yeah, there were more chips then cookie dough :)


digisnips said...

yum! oh, Banoonie, those look gooood! where's mine???

Anonymous said...

Tyler Renae you are getting sooo big. You will have to come to my house and make me some!!! yummmm

Anonymous said...

love aunt bri