Monday, March 23, 2009

Poor Trav next time for sure.......

Well, I have some bad news............ Because they changed Tyler's clogging competition to Sat instead of Fri . Trav will be missing his next meet :( So he can go watch Tyler clog. (He is the BEST DAD EVER!!!) Sorry to everyone who is waiting for pictures from the meet. But, I do have a little video (for your viewing pleasure) from them practicing this week. He is getting so good. Is there NOTHING he isn't good at??????

He is the one in black and white. The good one !!!

Sorry Troy and Dave :)


Megz said...

Good choice Trav. Your life is slightly safer at a clogging competition than riding a bike. Not to mention the brownie points you get from your wife for being the 'best dad ever'!

T Daley said...

Actually “best dad ever” came from Tyler. I can’t say that I don’t agree with her. She knows how much her dad loves his meets but, she also knows how to bat her big brown 7 year old eyes at him. He is definitely wrapped around her finger!!!! Truth be told it goes both ways. She would do anything for her dad. She is a daddy’s little girl all the way!!!