Monday, March 9, 2009

Trav's new baby !!!

What a HAPPY BOY !!!!!!! This is his new Trials bike a 2007 Gas Gas (yes, that is what it is called....Really) He had to miss his Feb 28th meet because the bike didn't get here in time (SAD)But he said it was worth it and he is now READY to go for the meet this month. Hopefully I will have pictures of the meet this time. The last one we didn't get any (my camera was miss placed for a month or so)
What a good looking bike!!!!

Even a better looking Boy !!!!!
(lucky me)


Megz said...

I obviously don't know anything about bikes---but that baby doesn't look comfy! Are you supposed to sit on it? Where the heck is the padding?

Travis J said...

Real bikes don't have seats! It is a TRIALS bike. Trials is a type of skilled, technical riding. You are always standing up balancing etc. Very challenging. This is by far the most fun motorcycle that I have ever owned.