Monday, March 30, 2009

St George Trip 2009

Every year we go down to St George for Tyler's clogging competition. It is always a nice break and the weather always makes us wish we lived there. This year was no different. Thanks to My WONDERFUL friend Roper we had a great time. On Friday we stopped by the Temple to see what there schedule was (Trav and I did a session on Sat) and while we were there we took a tour of the visitor center. It was a lot of fun and we learned a lot!!! If you have never been I suggest you take your families and go . Then we went to dinner at this fun little pizza place.On Sat we got up early and went to clog,clog,clog Tyler did great she took 2 first place and one second place in her all-around-solos. We will find out how her team did later.(she did her solos earlier) We met up with Jean and Daun (Syd and Maycie clog too) and the kids (Syd,Maycie and Riley) all wanted to stay, So my WONDERFUL friend Roper let us ALL stay. Thanks a million, I know I owe you big!!!! We all had a lot of fun.We had a BBQ and the kids played and played .
At the visitor center they have inter active movies you can watch.

Brayden listening to stories in The Book of Mormon.
pick any language you want!!!!

Our little family in front of the St George Temple !!!!!


digisnips said...

Looks like a beautiful day to visit a beautiful place! I love the St. George Temple. FAF!

Allison said...

Living in St. George is the best!!! I'd love to move back someday. it looks like you guys had lots of fun!

Megz said...

It's fun to have a little weekend trip. My SIL just went to that Pirate restaurant. I'll have to try it next time we're there.