Monday, March 30, 2009

Don't try this at home!!!!!!!! (or anywhere else)

Brayden had on one of those fake tattoos.The kind that are supposed to come off with soap and water. Well, he got in the shower and tried to get it off (with soap and water)but he is super patient like his mom. So when it didn't come off immediately,he decided to get out one of my Mr. Clean magic erasers. Yikes!!!!!!!! Needless to say it took off the top 3 layers of his skin.Well it's off now isn't it. He didn't even say a word to anyone. I noticed he was acting kind of funny (hunch backed and all).I asked him what was wrong and he finally spilled the beans. Now these pictures actually look really good, it is now all scabbed over and it cracks and bleeds all over his shirts. Poor kid. I felt terrible he didn't ask for help. I forget he is almost 12 and there is NOTHING more embarrassing then the thought of your mother coming anywhere near the bathroom while you are showering.
Looking back these pictures look great! I don't know what is in those Mr clean things, but I do know it burns right through your skin. By morning he had big blisters :(

Maybe next time he will ask for help!!!!!

Brayden just informed me there WON'T be a next time


Anonymous said...

ah, Brayd, ouch!!!! that just looks so painful! I'm having sympathy pains!

Anonymous said...

wow buddy that looks like it hurts. just remember cleaning supplies aren't for skin silly

Anonymous said...

if you are wondering who this crazy anonymous person is, it is just the your beautiful favorite aunt... bri