Monday, March 30, 2009

Brayden and Syd racing, while Paige and Riley cheered them on.
I think they just wanted their turn :)

Aw, finally all asleep. It was about 12:30 ish. There were two extra bedrooms (with beds) they could have used but they all wanted to have a BIG sleep over!!!!
I think Riley went and used one of the extra beds sometime during the night

This is what Trav and I got to wake up to at 7 am.
Two giggling, singing, happy girls

They were hiding from the other kids,it took them almost an hour to find them. Sneaky little things!!!
On the way home......

Look at this happy car load of cute kids.
And they stayed that way most of the way home!!!!!!


This is what we got to come home to :(

After 70 degree weather we all wanted to cry


digisnips said...

I was so jealous to hear you had warm lovely weather in St. George! I miss being warm!!! I bet Riley had a good time! What were you guys playing?

karen said...

I'm still recovering after that one! It was a fun time and I still think we should plan a double family trip. (No snow, thank you!)